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The Bodies in the Beach The Bodies in the Beach and NEW! Death in the Deauville

My crime novels set in an English seaside town and featuring an unfathomable genius, international criminals, a kindly pathologist and a warm-hearted Dolly Parton tribute act with friends in low places!

Click here for details!

Design your own codeword puzzles! NEW! Paulspages Codeword Designer/Solver!  
If you like codeword puzzles and fancy having a go at designing them, we've got everything you need to get started - and it's all free!
• Design from scratch (any grid size) or use pre-built grids.
• Built-in 450,000+ item dictionary so you're (almost) never lost for a word.
• Export/Import as text for safe storage, print in standard codeword format - you can even email puzzles to your friends!
• PLUS online solver app PLUS sample grids and puzzles.

Preserved for Posterity! NEW! Avalaff Heritage Edition
- preserved for posterity,
runs on ordinary browsers!
Yes, the surreal simulation of an early 2000s TV bingo channel is now available for browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome etc) that aren't Internet Explorer! It even runs on phones!
• Marvel at the genuine bingo gameplay!
• Marvel how much you would have lost while 'playing' it (but we're only joking, so there's no real money involved)!
• Enjoy the mesmerising background music (courtesty of Yamaha's MIDI library)!
(The full Avalaff package, including Avalaff Sig Buffle and the Stats Edition, is still available for anyone who's still got Internet Explorer running - see further down this page.)

SudokuXP - the world's favourite sudoku system.
(OK, I made the "world's favourite" bit up, but it is very good!). 4X4, 9X9 and 16X16 puzzles, auto-crosshatching, mouse controls, save/restore, multi-puzzle prints, hint system and 20,000+ puzzle database. NEW - VERSION 5 with loads of new features (click here for details). Now cheaper for UK residents! Membership costs 3.00 but you only pay once and it's worth every penny!

Members log in here  •   More details  •   Try it free with SudokuXP's Puzzles Of The Day

Out now!
Random Sudoku
Free and still available!
Get a random puzzle (ratings from 'easy' to the slightly scary 'outlaw') or type in your own. There's a printer-friendly version, automatic possible-number hints if you need help (or you can write your own if you want to do it properly), and if you're really stuck it'll solve it for you!

PLUS How to solve sudoku guide.
PLUS Sudoku Gallery - over 700 pre-built, rated puzzles!

Paul's Backgammon Vaults
Backgammon games (and the occasional tip) that you can watch in your web browser. View them play-by-play or sit back and run them in autoplay. Why? Because it helps to improve your game (and if you're into backgammon, they're fun to watch too). 400+ matches online already, and it's only just started!

Want to build your own animated backgammon website? See BG Replay, the software that powers the Vaults!
The Bath - Bristol Cycle Path photo tour.
The entire 14-mile route in pictures. See the beautiful Avon Valley, the steam railway at Bitton, picturesque (and eerie) Mangotsfield station and the dark (but lit) Staple Hill tunnel, then make the long descent into Bristol. With animated route map and navigation tips, in Classic and Broadband editions!

The Bath to Bradford on Avon Cycle Tour.
Take the Kennet & Avon canal towpath along the tranquil Limpley Stoke Valley. The countryside's even more beautiful than the Bath-Bristol route, and the scenery includes colourful narrowboats and two aqueducts!

NEW - Google and Microsoft maps of the tour routes - drag them, zoom them, see satellite pics! (See tour menu - requires broadband connection).

Client-server quiz Leaderboard issues fixed!
Test your knowledge on a range of subjects, complete with three lifelines, tension-inducing sound effects, a real leaderboard and Sumo-style player rankings (get your name on the board and become, er, famous)! I've also fixed the leaderboard update process, so you can actually get on the board - try it!
NEW - Updated Banzuke (table of champions)!
NEW - Sumo Quiz (plenty of new leaderboard points)!
Paul's Panoramas.
New layout, new viewer applet, new panoramas, all with links to maps and related(-ish) websites! Includes views of Cornwall, London, Seattle and all 6 Georgian Crescents in Bath. Pan and zoom round these 360 landscapes now! 

Group Efforts on KindleGroup Efforts is now on Kindle!  
The entire saga of line manager and diarist extraordinaire Bernard Pierce is now available as a Kindle eBook (paperback coming soon)! It contains all 76 episodes plus two retrospectives (including the 2006 blockbuster ending) plus a guide to the characters and even a glossary in case you've forgotten those 1990s computing terms! You don't even need a Kindle device to read it, as Amazon provides free reading apps for laptops, phones and tablets.

Click here to see it on Amazon UK (also available from Amazon sites worldwide).

(Note - entirely suitable for children and people of a nervous disposition)

Big Brother special - Housemate's Dilemma.
As this year is the bitchiest Big Brother (UK) ever, here's a special version of Prisoner's Dilemma, the game of cooperation and betrayal. Can you out-bitch your housemate, avoid being nominated and win the house a luxury food budget?
Runs in Internet Explorer and FireFox.

Avalaff - the antidote to digital TV bingo channels!
No proper bingo on telly any more? Don't worry, we still play the real thing, where you have to complete the patterns to win! No stake money, no prizes, but all the fun and thrills of online bingo. See your name up there on the leaderboard! Includes upgraded, high-speed Stats Edition for the serious bingo-odds student.
New patterns plus NEW Balls Edition - be a winner every time!

Avalaff Sig Buffle
Just when you thought telly gaming channels couldn't get any worse, they did - and so have we! Try our new role-playing card-turn game (it's just for fun!) (Note - if you've never seen a digital TV bingo channel you probably won't have a clue what we're on about, but if you have, you might enjoy the joke. Either way, Avalaff plays a mean game of bingo - and now card-turning too!)

These original version of Avalaff only run in Internet Explorer, and with Microsoft getting all Edge-y about its browser strategy they may not be around forever. Enjoy them while you can! If you want to run Avalaff (original bingo game only) in a modern browser such as Edge, Firefox or Chrome, see our new Avalaff Heritage Edition (details above)!  

Avalaff is also at

Hypertext fiction NEW! 
Hyperfiction breaks free of the single-path, beginning-middle-end contraints of conventional storytelling. In these two hyperstories you can make Billy's day (literally) and discover what beautiful teenager Sam really feels about her life.

Paul's Web Design Pages - promoted higher up the menu because people prefer it to the newer stuff!
Hints and tips on web authoring from my magazine series.
Includes IE4 and IE5 Dynamic HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, the absolute basics of HTML and rather nifty (though I say it myself) step-by-step guides to frames, forms, browser windows and image rollovers. Old material, but still popular after all these years, which shows how far web authoring has come recently. Cookie libraries added - and updated!

Minack Gallery.
Pictures, slideshow and 11 (count 'em) panoramas of the world-famous Minack Theatre at Porthcurno in Cornwall. See what it's like to be on stage in front of a packed audience! 

Penwith Pictures.
Nice photos of West Cornwall, UK, one of the loveliest places on Earth. Includes pics of Penzance, Newlyn, Mousehole, Sennen (lots!), Pendeen, St Ives, Pothgwarra, Porthcurno and Bryher on the Isles of Scilly.

Read and/or sign my Guestbook!
Smart new format (I've installed a better script). Be the first to sign the new-look book!

Play Prisoner's Dilemma.
The game of cooperation and betrayal! 

1999 Solar Eclipse Special.
Events as they unfolded, recreated in glorious Dynamic HTML.  PLUS my eye-witness report and the old simulator so you can see what it would have been like without the clouds!

What do you think of Let me know at

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Not-a-blog Disclaimer

UPDATED (a bit).
This site is not a blog, but that doesn't mean I can't put blog-style stuff in this column to fill it up, does it? So on that basis....

I'm viewing this site in...
Mozilla FireFox, and I suggest you do the same, except for the Panoramas, which are great in Opera.

I'm watching...
Great Canal Journeys with Prunella Scales and Timothy West. Also This Week, although since Diane Abbott went on to greater things there's no longer the frisson of wondering whether she and Michael Portillo will actually start canoodling on that sofa.

I'm reading...
The Sailor's Return, by David Garnett. Just finished it, in fact. It's like a mini Thomas Hardy Wessex tragedy, only in plainer language (perhaps suprisingly, as Garnett was a member of the Bloomsbury set). He also wrote 'Lady into Fox', about a man whose wife turns into an, er, fox.

I'm writing...
The third Mary Miller Mystery, set in Weston-super-Mare (see top of main column for details of the first two). Actually I'm just completing the preparatory phase (sitting around thinking vaguely about it) at the moment, and will be starting the writing Real Soon Now (honest!).

I'm drinking...
Decaff coffee. Stick some Coffee Mate in it and it tastes like the real thing, but doesn't make your arm go stiff after four cups. Magic!

I'm listening to...
One Sweet Life by Brotherly - jazz, soul, broken beat from West London (it's brilliant!), Tuck and Patti, Joni Mitchell (always), Crosby Stills and Nash (1st album) -  "It's been a long time coming, it's going to be a long time gone." Too right, Croz! Where did we go wrong?

I'm writing in...
English (allegedly), JavaScript (love it), PHP (just about).
As well as an excursion or two into ASP, I also did done quite a bit in ColdFusion a few years ago. CF is actually very good, although whether Adobe will want to stay in the app server market is another matter. OK, I'll get my coat...

I believe...
That Apple will end up a niche player in the phone/media player market just like they are in personal computers. Customers know instinctively that multi-vendor platforms are safer. Android (or something else) will win.

I don't believe...
...anything much any more!

Quick favourites...

Help save the planet!
Says it all.
Genuine Cornwall, run by a genuine hero, Sennen Lifeboat Coxswain Terry George.

That's it...
The column's filled. This blog stuff's a piece of cake, isn't it?