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These pages are for readers of Mastering Sudoku, my guide to sudoku solving from beginner to extreme levels. They include a gallery of all 52 sample puzzles, plus extra solving tips and an online version of the visualisation exercise on page 27.

To access the Mastering Sudoku pages, please type the top row of the solution to puzzle no. 12 into the box (right) then click 'Log on'.
(Just type the nine numbers from the top line of the solution, e.g. 817923645. Puzzle solutions begin on page 163)

TIP - If you're a SudokuXP member, log into SudokuXP now (click here), then choose 'Mastering Sudoku' from the main menu to come back here. Once you're typed in the correct value above, you'll be able to go straight to the Mastering Sudoku pages whenever you're logged in to SudokuXP.