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Creating and programming multiple browser windows. Netscape Navigator takes and unusual (for Windows, anyway) approach to displaying  multiple web documents at the same time - each document gets its own free-standing application window, instead of a 'pane' within a single application display. Microsoft's Internet Explorer follows suit, and the result is a set of fun (and sometimes quite impressive) techniques that are that rarest of things, cross-browser compatible. Paul Stephens

4 Steps
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Multiple frames aren't exactly a mainstay of everyday web authoring, but they're great fun to work with and give some striking effects. Programming them also give a very good insight into the document object model, and shows how powerful object-oriented methodology can be. Best of all, the techniques shown here are all compatible with both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer - a welcome relief from the browser-incompatibility blues!

Check out this month's 4-step example guide, covering the JavaScript methods used to create and manipulate windows, how to access objects, variables and even JavaScript routines in remote windows, the important distinctions between windows and the documents they contain, and the mysterious (but very useful) second parameter to the method. All come with sample pages which put the theory into practice.

Also, take a look at our working examples of browser windows in action. See how to  create annoying pop-up advertising windows, just like the ones used by free web space providers! Check out a slide show that changes text and graphics without using browser-specific Dynamic HTML!

As always, Microsoft's Internet Client SDK (now part of the SiteBuilder Network - note the new address) has all the details on handling browser windows. As usual, Netscape's HTML Tag Reference gives quicker access to specific object and method definitions - and unlike Microsoft's offering, you can still download it or offline reading.

Until next month, happy authoring!

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