No Server-Side Goodies? - Try the Third (Party) Way!

If you use free server space, you may think that your Web site can't contain server-programmed features such as discussion forums, chat rooms and guestbooks. Not so! The Web's full of third-party servers which provide these kind of capabilities, allowing you to link them in to your pages so that they appear to be part of your site. Even better, they do it for free, in return for displaying banner ads on your visitors' screens.

From hit counters to the slightly bizarre electronic postcards, the list of add-on site services is long, and growing all the time. You can even offer keyword searches to your site's contents, and run realtime opinion polls!

Click the headings below for an online version of this month's Web Workshop, complete with links to the service providers we've mentioned. Paul Stephens

See how many people have visited your site, where they came from and what browsers they were using!

Let your visitors tell the world what they think of your site (hopefully they'll like it!)

Your own newsgroup-style discussion forums, on whatever subjects you choose.

Offer a keyword search to the contents of your site - just like they do at!

Invite your friends round for a live discussion, courtesy of your web page.

Make your website the place where the people have their say on today's key issues (or just ask fun questions!)

Capture data from on-screen forms, and have it emailed direct to you.

Including directory sites that tell you where to find more free resources.