The Church was bought in 1892 by public subscription. Graham Boys has lived there since 1977.

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The Tin Church is one of the few remaining landmarks of Bath's once-great counter-cultural scene (the rest got turned into mobile phone shops and Executive-style dwelling units). Developers are now planning to build 70 new Executive-style dwelling units in the fields below, but if you hurry, you can still enjoy an uninterrupted vista  across the Avon Valley!

It's unclear whether this is an exhortation to self-denial left by the original occupants, or a souvenir of the Batheaston Bypass campaign.

Will owner Graham Boys be tempted to move across the road into an Executive-style Dwelling Unit himself? Er, probably not... 




At least the Executive-style Dwelling Unit dwellers will have a nice view of the Church. Plans are afoot to hold a Tin Church Fete on the field this summer.


Not something you see every day, even in Bath.



A pioneering example of the Small Office / Home Office genre - Graham lives and works in the Church.



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