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Placemarks for Google Earth

Click here to open!

If you have Google Earth installed on your PC, then you can download a set of placemarks showing you where the panoramas are, with links to panorama menus and (Cornwall) photo galleries.

Just click 'Click here to open' (above). Your browser will offer you the option to open or save the file. Choose 'Open', and Google Earth will automatically load the placemarks.

If your browser doesn't offer you an 'Open' option, save the file ('paulspanoramicplaces.kml') to disk instead, then double-click on it or choose 'File..Open' from Google Earth's menu bar.

Once the placemarks have been opened, they'll appear under 'Temporary Places' in Google Earth's Places window (left).

To save them permanently, drag them above Temporary Places. If you prefer, you can open them from here whenever you want them.


What's Google Earth?

Google Earth ( is a 3D aerial photography/mapping application that covers (almost) the entire planet. You can fly between continents (or even into space) then zoom into street level, tilt the angle of view to show the terrain, and ask it to show you roads, hospitals and restaurants.

The clever bit is that you install the system with low-resolution image data, then as you zoom into places it downloads higher-resolution data direct from Google Earth's server. The even cleverer bit is that anyone can create files of placemarks and image overlays for Google Earth to include in its displays.

In short it's amazing, and even better, it's free (although you will need a fairly recent PC running Windows 2000/XP, plus a decent 3D graphics card and broadband internet connection). If you like maps and 'virtual exploring', you'll really like this!

(Note - I have no connection with Google Earth. I just like it a lot!)

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