Paul's Minack Panoramas

What's a viewer - and which one should I use?

Panoramas are displayed in your browser by a Java viewer applet supplied by the authors of Photo Vista, the software which built the panoramic images (for more information see

You can view the panoramas using version 1 or version 4 of the applet. Each has advantages and disadvantages:

Version 1
Wider display area, smoother auto-panning.
Some image pixellation during panning, image file must be reloaded to restart auto-panning.

Version 4
Better image quality, restart auto-panning without reloading the image file.
Auto-panning is sometimes jerky, window has to be narrower in order to see full height, garish 'Zoom' logo!
TIP - to see some really smooth panning, click on the image then drag the mouse slightly to the left or right. Why can't it pan that smoothly in auto mode?

Take your pick - or try them both!
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