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Got some matches? Put them in the Vaults!

I think that watching others play is one of the best ways of improving your backgammon skills (mine have certainly improved just from watching the games here, although I must admit there's plenty of room for improvement!)

I'm keen to get as many games and matches possible into the Vaults, so if you've got some, please send them to me.
You'll get a credit on the page (your own section if there are enough files), and you can take them off the site at any time.

I can currently accept files in .gam, .mat and GNU text-export formats, although if someone comes up with a bumper bundle of Snowie text files, I'll probably write a converter for them too.

For more details (or just to send some files), contact me at paul@paulspages.co.uk

If you'd like to write tutorials, or add commentary to matches, or set up your own Vaults-style website, then see BG Replay, the software which displays the animated games in the Vaults. It's free for non-commercial use.

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