BG Replay Change Log

V1.2.2  3rd May 2005

Issue file:

Updated files: bgconv.js, bgmain.js - install over old copies. No other changes necessary.
This version includes some minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.

V1.2.1  1st April 2005 (no, it's not an April Fool's joke!)

Issue file:

Updated files: bgconv.js - install over old copies. No other changes necessary.
This version includes updates to the .mat file converter, to make it more compatible with .mat file variants such as those produced by Tony Lezard's Dueller.  ';' comment lines are now handled, as are those containing \r characters.

V1.2  29th March 2005

Issue file:

Updated files: All files (recommended)
Most of the .php pages and javascript libraries have been updated in this version. The easiest way to install is to overwrite everything in your current installation. Existing game files and scripts will run unchanged. CSS files have not been changed.

New files:
(PHP version only). Client-side cookie handling library, used by index.htm to save the user's bPod/Desktop preference. See
for details.

New features:
1. .mat file support. The PHP versions of the pages can now read Jellyfish .mat (match) files. For example, this link:


will load the match file into the bpod page design and generate a menu page of games in the match. Users can then choose individual games from the list, and move to the next/previous games via the << and >> buttons.

2. [step]setboard::PosID,dice,labels,stats,horiz[/step] tag now supported.


V1.0.1 26th March 2005

Issue file:

Updated file: bgmain.js
This should be installed over older copies in all folders from which you run BG replay pages. No other changes are required.

New features:
[demo]...[/demo] tags now supported in steps say:: commands (see 'sample_game.bgg' for examples of demo tags in normal game plays). Note - use these carefully in [step] blocks!  Only include [demo] tags in say:: text when you're sure there won't be any animation in progress or initiated by a later move:: command in the same [step]...[/step] block.