Welcome to the Bath - Bristol Cycle Path
(Officially known as the Bristol and Bath Railway Path, but - hey! - I'm a cyclist!)
The Bath - Bristol Cycle Path* is a cyclist's dream - 14 miles of traffic-free tarmac, virtually level most of the way with just a single quarter-mile hill and a gentle gradient out of Bristol.

Running along the course of the old Bristol-Bath railway, the track takes you through beautiful countryside, past a working steam railway and eerie abandoned stations, into the suburbs of Bristol (though you wouldn't notice), through a tunnel and into the inner city. 

This page takes you from start to finish, showing the highlights along the way. It's a personal view; I did it for the fun of doing it, like riding the track. Sit back, enjoy - then get on your bike and ride it yourself!

Paul Stephens
(Look out for the hat on summer days!)

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*Officially called the Bristol and Bath Railway Path
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