Quiz Banzuke (Player Rankings)

Announcement of important changes to the Quiz Banzuke system.

After much deliberation the Official Quiz Banzuke Committee (me) has decided to make a change to the way the Quiz rankings are calculated. In future only the top 10 scores from each quiz will count towards a player's overall ranking.

Furthermore, a measure has been adopted whereby rikishi are penalised for making too many attempts at a quiz (an allowance of 50 attempts per quiz is given before any penalty is incurred). This is to discourage the learning of quiz answers "parrot fashion".

These steps are designed to encourage players to enter a wider range of quizzes and to genuinely know the answers, thus demonstrating versatility and adaptability, the hallmarks of true champions.

This change has now been implemented. To those rikishi who have been promoted - congratulations! To those rikishi who have been demoted - try harder!